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Books read in 2016

There are of course many downsides to spending five months of 2016 living away from family (back in Ivory Coast for the birth of our son). But on the other hand, not many fathers of two children mainly under two, can claim to have broken their personal best for books read in the year. So, here’s this year’s list…

1. A Wilderness of Mirrors, by Mark Meynell
2. Notes from a Small island, by Bill Bryson
3. TOTC Hosea (commentary), by David A. Hubbard
4. The Leopard, by Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
5. Diary of a young girl, by Anne Frank
6. Common Sense, by Thomas Paine
7. Out of the saltshaker and into the world, by R. M. Pippert
8. Our turn to eat, by Michaela Wrong
9. The message of 2 Timothy, by John Stott
10. Money Counts, by Graham Beynon
11. Gloria, by Abidemi Sanusi
12. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
13. Peaceland, by Severine Autesserre
14. In the Name of the People, by Lara Pawson
15. The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born, by Ayi Kewi Arman
16. For the Glory: The Life of Eric Liddell, by Duncan Hamilton
17. A Piano in the Pyrenes, by Tony Hawk
18. Neither here nor there, by Bill Bryson
19. Comment investir et gagner à la BRVM, by Euclide Okolou
20. C’est la folie, by Michael Wright
21. Les flamboyants d’Abidjan, by Vincent Hein
22. A Hero of Our Time, by Mikhail Lermontov
23. A Poisonous thorn in our hearts, by James Copnall
24. Growth Groups, by Colin Marshall
25. Decolonising the Mind, by Ngugi wa Thiong’o
26. The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion
27. The Unexpected Christian Century, by Scott Sunquist
28. Money Counts, by Graham Beynon (second time)
29. Aid and Authoritarianism in Africa, by Hagmann and Reyntjens
30. Commitment, by Didier Drogba
31. The Places in between, by Rory Stewart
32. Jim Grant UNICEF visionary, by various
33. War Poems, by Siegried Sassoon
34. Far from the Madding Crowd, by Thomas Hardy
35. The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by R. L. Stevenson
36. Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome
37. You May All Prophesy, by Steve Thompson
38. Pour Me, by A. A. Gill
39. Cailloux Blancs, by Bernard Dadié